Andrew Tran

Hello! I am the face and mustache behind the camera documenting your most important moments. I pride myself in making sure that the images I capture are forever kept in your memories, cherished in your hearts, and framed on your wall.

During the week, I am an emergency department social worker providing crisis intervention, planning safe patient discharges, and taking part in patient care. During the weekends, I spend my time capturing love, photographing weddings and portraits, and being a professional third wheel.

Photography has turned into more than a hobby for me. It plays a large role in my life and is a significant part of who I am as a person. I am humbled everyday by the individuals I meet, the ceremonies I have witnessed, and it makes things so much more worthwhile to know that I have been trusted to capture the most important parts of people’s lives for the past 6 years. I plan on continuing this journey with you—shoot me an e-mail, DM, or text and lets chat!

Fun facts: I have a soft spot for bully breeds. Anything on two wheels will catch my attention. My favorite go to Magic deck is a black-red vampire aggro deck. I love building computers. I edit photos while listening to Alina Baraz and NSYNC.

Follow me on Instagram @andrewchran Or FaceBook if you still use it?